Academic Calendar Courses

Academic Calendar for Final year B.D.S. Students

for the year of 2018 to February 2019.

September 2018


Sl. No. Traits Date
01 Class Continue 1st-30th September
02 Final Prof. Written completed 13th Sept.
03 Final Prof. Viva Started from 17th Sept.


October 2018


Sl. No. Traits Date
01 Final Prof. Viva Finished 9th Oct.
02 Class Continue 1st -13th Oct. & 22nd to 31st Oct.
03  Vacation for Durga Pujja 14th– 21st  Oct.
04 August `19 Batch Started Class From 2nd October


November 2018


Sl. No. Traits Date
01 Class continue 1st -20th & 22nd -30th November
02 Vacation for Eid-E-Milad-un-Nabi 21st November
03 Class suspend for the preparation of Term-VIII 24th -30th November


December 2018


Sl. No. Traits Date
01 August `19 Batch Class continue 1st -15th & 17th– 24th December
02 Term-VIII Written Exam. 1st -10th December
03 Practical & Viva Exam. 12th -22nd December
04 Victory day 16th  December
05 Winter Vacation & X-mas Holiday 23rd December 18 to 3rd January 2019


Routine of Term-VIII Written Exam. As below:


Date Day Subject
1st December Saturday Prosthodontics
3rd  December Monday Orthodontics
5th December Wednesday Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
8th December Saturday Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
10th December Monday Paediatric Dentistry





Routine of Viva & Practical Exam. as below:


Date Day Subject
12th December Wednesday All Subjects (Batchwise)
15th December Saturday All Subjects (Batchwise)
17th December Monday All Subjects (Batchwise)
19th December Wednesday All Subjects (Batchwise)
22nd December Saturday All Subjects (Batchwise)


January 2019


Sl. No. Traits Date
01 Indoor games and cultural program 5th – 7th January
02 Reserve day for Indoor games & Cultural program 8th January
03 Annual Picnic 9th January
04 Post Picnic vacation 10th January
05 Term-VIII Result published 12th January
06 Class continue 12th– 15th January
07 Term-VII Written Exam. 16th-26th January
08 Term-VII Viva & Practical Exam. started 28thJanuary


February 2019


Sl. No. Traits Date
01 Term-VII Viva & Practical Exam. Finished 6th February
02 Post Exam. Vacation 7th February
03 Class continue 9th– 20th & 23rd-28th February
04 Vacation for International Mother Language day 21st February
05 Prof. Exam. started (Tentitive) 10thFebruary