Rules for Students

  • Class attendance Minimum75%
  • Students must pass internal University tests in order to appear for Professional BDS examination
  • If a student is absent from class for a period of one month without prior permission or without any valid reason, the name of the student will be struck off. Re-admission may be allowed on payment of re-admission
  • Students have to bring their own dental/medical hand instruments. (List of the instruments will be provided timely)
  • Students are expected to maintain a high standard in their academic and private life. Lapses of moral values or addiction to drugs, gambling or any other crimes are punishable offenses.
  • No student will be allowed to participate in any political activities or any types of demonstrations either within the college campus or outside.
  • Pasting or hanging posters on the walls of the college and hospital premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Fashionable dresses, jewelry, cosmetics, untidy hair, and slippers are discouraged in the college campus.
  • Boys must wear trousers, shirt, and shoes.
  • Students and guardians have to sign a bond at the time of admission declaring that they will abide by the rules and regulation of the college.
  • All the Students must always put on the apron and their name should be displayed on the apron by name plate with in the College Premises.
  • The management of UDC&H reserves the right to change or implement new rules.

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