Our Mission

  1. To promote and provide modern scientifi­c dental and medical health education and services of international standard among the people of the country and foreign students.
  2. To develop and produce skilled dental professionals in the country.
  3. To develop a group of dedicated and sincere graduates with humanitarian
    qualities to serve the common, disabled and the undeserved.
  4. Provide cost-effective educational facilities in Bangladesh, thus saving
    the valuable foreign currency of the country.
  5. To accept foreign students thus earning foreign currency for the country.
  6. To conduct refresher courses in dentistry for general practitioners.
  7. To organize workshops, lectures, seminars, conferences and set up study groups and training programs to further the standard of dental and medical knowledge in the country.
  8. To conduct Dental camps in the remote area of Bangladesh.
  9. To establish and maintain modern libraries of national and international
  10. To facilitate the study of medicine and dentistry
  11. To make contacts with other organisations concerned with the study and
    research in the ­field of Dental and Medical Science.
  12. To award notable and outstanding achievements in the ­field of Dental and
    Medical science.
  13. To give scholarship to the talented students of this institution needing
    ­financial assistance.