From the desk of Chairman

My warmest regards and all the best wishes to you on the commemoration of Mujib Shoto Borsho, 50th anniversary of  our Independence, and the celebration of 25 years of University Dental College.

2021 is a momentous year for UDC as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our journey to nurture the next generation of dentists.This was due in 2020,however we refrained from celebrating due to the pandemic.

Since 1995 till date, UDC has been celebrating a milestone of significant achievements. It has simultaneously been making history, marking it as an institution that laminates excellence in the education of dentistry. To congregate our success stories and walk through the memories, we are taking the pleasure of presenting the first published UDC Silver Jubilee directory to you all.

The past quarter of a century has witnessed thousands of skilled dental surgeons graduating from UDC, who were not only Bangladeshi but from various corners of the globe.We are honored that they are successfully offering their services all over the country as well as abroad with great pride.

Since commencement in 1995, the institution has been managed and run by highly qualified and accomplished faculty members who take imparting knowledge and skills more as a mission than a profession. I would like to acknowledge the
contribution of all the past and present faculty members of this institution whose dedication and tireless efforts brought this institution to a state of glory and envy.

Dr. Md. Wahiduzzaman.